Beware of Binary Options Wealth Recovery Scams

If You Lost Money Trading Binary Options, Beware of Wealth Recovery Companies

We are here to warn any former binary options client to steer clear of firms purporting to offer wealth recovery services. Due to the demise of binary options brokerages, many of these former shops have turned themselves into businesses pretending to be on the side of the client. Any business offering to recover money lost to a binary options broker via a chargeback or refund is attempting to take advantage of former clients who are desperate to try to recover their losses.

How to tell a Binary Options Wealth Recovery Firm is a Scam?

  1. You are asked to pay up front.
  2. You called the phone number on the website and it didn’t work or it wasn’t the same company found on the website.
  3. The owners and directors of the business are not easily found on the website or non existent.
  4. The company claims to be regulated but you cannot find their business name listed on the regulator website.
  5. A Google search of the company addresses doesn’t appear correct.
  6. There are generic reviews of the company that sound like this: “I lost money trading binary options, but thanks to (Company A) I received my money back, email them here: (Email Address)

How to Get Your Money Back From Binary Options

If you lost money trading binary options, we warn you to stay away from any wealth recovery firm, especially those asking for upfront payments. The chances of successfully receiving lost money from a binary options lawyer or wealth recovery firm are incredibly low. Consider this recent example, where the operator of wealth recovery firm based in the United States was sentenced to three years in prison for pretending to be an official of the SEC. There are still plenty of fake wealth recovery firms out there that have yet to be exposed. We warn anyone engaging these firms to steer clear of them, as they are simply pretending to be on your side.

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