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We specialize in consultation services for forex brokers of all shapes and sizes

MT4/MT5 White Labels

Our white label package includes access to tier 1 liquidity and a data feed for the following trading products: forex, stocks, commodities, precious metals, and cryptocurrency

Forex Broker Licensing

We can help you obtain a license in ofshore jurisdictions such as Maritius, Bahamas, and Cayman Islands. Additionally, we can help you apply for your FCA or CySec forex broker licenses

Banking Services, Payment Gateways, and PSPs

Our team of experts will help your forex broker apply for a bank account, payment gatewaym or PSP in a variety of global jurisdictions

Launch a Cryptocurrency Exchange

We provide all services to start your own cryptocurrency brokerage: licensing, liquidity, incorporation, and more!

Forex & Cryptocurrency Leads & Traffic

Real time lead generation & traffic services for the forex and cryptocurrenct markets.

Company Incorporation Services

If you wish to create your own forex broker, we can assist you with the company incorporation and registration in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG)

Forex Broker For Sale

Due to our global portfolio of brokers, technology firms, and consultants we are able to offer several forex brokers for sale. Our offers range from FCA, CySec, and offshore brokers for sale. In addition, if you are looking to sell a forex broker, technology, website or other services, we can help to facilitate the sale.

Company Incorporation, Banking, and Legal Solutions For Forex brokers

If you are looking to create your own forex broker, we can help you to open a forex company. Our team of legal experts also is able to existing brokers with any legal services that may be required.

Company incorporation services in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines for those looking to launch their own forex broker

Access to a variety of Payment Services Providers (PSPs) and payment gateways

Bank accounts for forex brokers

Legal opinions, assistance, and guidance

Forex Broker Licensing

Our decades of industry experience and knowledge regarding the regulation of forex activity make us the best partner for obtaining a forex broker license, either offshore or in several well known global jurisdictions.

We specialize in European forex brokerage licenses such as CySec and FCA. We can also help you obtain an offshore broker license in regions such as Belize, Cayman Islands, Mauritius, Vanuatu and Seychelles.

In addition, we can help you obtain a cryptocurrency license in several global jurisdictions. Finally, if you are looking to buy a forex broker we have several offers in our portfolio. We can also assist you if you wish to sell a forex broker.




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With decades of industry expertise, Consulting Forex is the perfect partner to help you launch your own forex broker.

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