Forex Broker Consulting Services

Launch a Forex Broker, Forex Market Terminology Explained, Guidance on Choosing the Right Broker to Trade With, And Much More!


Understanding the Forex Market
Has Never Been Easier

New to Forex Trading?
We'll Guide You Every Step of the Way

Guidance in Selecting the Best Forex Broker to Trade With

Our team of experts will help you select the forex broker that best suits your needs and requirements

Forex Market Terminology Explained

What is STP in forex trading? What does A book and B book mean? What is slippage in the FX market?

Forex Trading Glossary

Our Forex Trading Glossary provides traders and investors an in depth explanation of the most commonly used terms, definitions, and concepts in the FX trading industry.

Guidance in Starting your Own Forex Broker

If you wish to launch your own forex broker, our team is happy to guide you every step of the way, from liquidity, to white labels and technology, we are ready to assist you!

Liquidity Provider & Execution Consultation

Expertise in choosing the liquidity that best fits your trading profile, ideal for both retail and institutional traders

Company Incorporation / Registration Services

We provide company incorporation services for professional traders, hedge fund managers, and startups looking to launch their own forex brokerages.

How Do I Choose the FX Broker
That's Right For Me?

With literally thousands of forex brokers to choose from, it can be overwhelming to make the right decision. From our experience, the right broker will depend on 3 factors: your goals, needs, and experience. Rather than sift through hours of reviews, posts, and forums which may not even be legitimate, why not schedule a call with one of our consultation experts?


    Consultation Services Focused for both New and Experienced Traders Alike

    We offer guidance and expertise for all aspects of forex & CFD trading

    For New Forex Brokers - A Variety of Useful Resources and Guidance for Launching and Growing a New Forex Brokerage

    For FX & CFD Traders - One on One Consultation & Assistance in Selecting the Best Forex to Trade With

    For FX Money / Asset Managers - Valuable Tips and Knowledge in Successfully Launching a Forex Money Management Fund

    For IBs & Affilates - Helping New FX Affiliates & IBs Take their Business to the Next Level!

    How to create Your Own Forex Broker?

    With decades of industry expertise, Consulting Forex is the perfect partner to help you launch your own forex broker.

    A Complete Solution In One Package:

    How to Start a Forex Broker? What are White Label Costs? How to Become and Inroducing Broker?

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