What Happens When The Forex Market Closes? Why Is Forex Trading Closed on Weekends?

Due to our reputation as a leading consulting agency in the online forex and CFD trading space, we are often asked by new traders about what happens when the forex market closes. Before we jump into the answer, it’s important to understand that forex trading never really “closes.” What we mean by this statement is […]

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What Is Scalping in the Forex Trading Market? Is Scalping Illegal or Legal?

Scalping is a term that new forex traders may have encountered either on a broker’s website, social media post, or trading forum. At times trading forex can be overwhelming as there are many acronyms and terminology that brokers and more experienced traders throw around. Today, we’ll define exactly what scalping is when trading forex so […]

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What is an Unregulated Forex Broker? Are Unregulated Forex Brokers Illegal?

If you are new to trading forex, you may have heard about unregulated forex brokers before. We’d like to properly define exactly what unregulated forex brokers are and also help you understand whether or not is illegal to trade with an unregulated forex broker. What is an Unregulated Forex Broker? – A Basic Definition An […]

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What is 1:1 Leverage When Trading Forex?

The concept of leverage can be one of the most challenging to understand, especially as it relates to margin. We’ve been asked by several clients how 1:1 leverage works when trading FX. Given the frequency of the question, we’d like to share the answer with our audience. 1:1 leverage simply means that one is trading […]

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