Why Is Binary Options Trading Illegal and No Longer Available to Investors and Traders?

Binary Options were once a very popular investment product that was often added as a complementary service to a forex broker’s website. Although many binary options brokers existed independent of forex brokerages, there was a close relationship between the 2 as both products centered on the forex market. A Brief History of the Binary Options […]

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5 Ways to Tell You are Trading With a Reputable and Legitimate Forex Broker

With so many forex brokerages to select from, it can often be challenging to determine if a broker is legitimate or not. In today’s post we offer some general guidelines that will aid FX traders in determining whether or not they are trading with a legitimate forex broker. 1) The Broker Holds a License – […]

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Understanding Volatility Around News Events

Trading around news events is one of the most challenging and often misunderstood aspects of the forex market. The dramatic price volatility around central bank meetings, job reports, and other political events can be very enticing to those new to trading forex. This excitement will often lead to disappointment when a new trader tries to […]

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