Forex Marketing Services – 4 Easy Steps to Create an Automated Acquisition Process

Forex Marketing Services – 4 Easy Steps to Create an Automated Acquisition Process

Many brokers seek ways to reduce their cost of acquisition and increase their traders’ value. Creating an automated acquisition process can be a great way to both reduce the work force needed to  handle sales and hence cost of acquisition and to uplift the brand which results in greater trader’s value. However, in order to convert online, a potential trader must experience an emotional  process. That process must be one that both appeals to the trader’s desire and delivers on the real value of the service. Once an emotional connection is established traders must be guided on  every step of the process in order to convert. Here are a few simple steps that will help you create a successful automated acquisition process:

  1. Process – All good outcomes start with a good action plan. Therefore, to increase online conversions you must create a thorough map that outlines all the trader’s touch points during the conversion process until they become a client.

  2. Story – Every purchase decision is backed by a good story. In fact, most people buy in on a story more so than the actual service. A good story is based upon potential trader’s current desires, the true functionalities of the service and works to defy any negative peceptions that may prevent potential high quality traders from converting. The more real the story is, the higher the trader value.

  3. Content – Quality in a must. The online world is growing more saturated every day. People are being bombarded with messages they can no longer handle. Therefore content must be both creative and provide the potential trader with real value. Getting a glimpse of value always leaves hunger for more. When used correctly, this can be a maker or a breaker of an online acquisition process.

  4. Sources – As with anything, the materials will have an impact on the actual outcome even if you follow the best method. Ensure you generate traffic from good media sources that provide real users that are relevant for your service. If you mix the right sources with the right content you should hit the jackpot!

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